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New Build: Lighting Choices

I had so much fun designing and picking out all of our fixtures for our new home. Light fixtures make a huge impact. They can totally change the look and feel of a space. I ended up going with more traditional light fixtures. Today I am sharing with you the light choices I chose for our main living areas (Foyer, living room, island pendants, dining room and breakfast nook) in our new build. I have gotten so many compliments on these and I am very pleased with them all so far. I will say though, I am still currently waiting on the large brass chandelier (pictured in the top, center). I purchased this for our living room. After scouring the internet for similar options and price points to no avail I decided to order and wait for it to arrive. It is expected to arrive sometime in February. So, I will have to report back about that one. I hope that these design boards with some of my favorite purchases will help you guys design your spaces as well. Thank you guys for stopping by the blog today and let me know which is your favorite fixture?

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Walter Ciucevich
Walter Ciucevich
Jan 27, 2023

I can’t wait to see the living room one!

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